What is SPRINT?

SPRINT is a platform to develop university students into complete individuals.

SPRINT organizes interactive development opportunities for university students. These opportunities include discussions with industry leaders, forums regarding relevant local and international topics, social projects as well as workshops aimed at developing profession soft skills.

SPRINT is the brain child of and run by Dr Alex Bignotti(PhD in Entrepreneurship), with the help of a committee of dedicated university students.
SPRINT was born due to the fact that a university education is no longer sufficient to be competitive in either a global context or the entrepreneurial sphere.


The challenges of graduates today



What is the world looking for today?


What sets leaders apart

Is passionate about what he does: he shares that passion with others

Is never isolated: he connects with other leaders

Is eager to know: he gets exposed to various experiences and environments

Is not only a specialist: he engages in lateral learning

Is concerned for society: he reaches out to the community


SPRINT Programme

First Semester 2015

Effective Public Speaking

Fidel Namisi, movie scriptwriter and producer, member of the Writers' Guild, and former member of Toast Masters SA, will teach us how to convey a message in public effectively.

Business Case Competition – Part 1

Learn how to be a consultant and solve a real-life business problem. In Part 1, you will be introduced to the basic principles of how to effectively solve a business case study. Then teams will be formed, and the case study will be handed out. Teams will present their solutions during Part 2.

Pitch Your Business

Whether you have a serious business idea, or you sometimes have a business idea in the back of your mind, it's time for you to stop repressing it. Present the idea in front a panel, in a confidential setting, and get some valuable input towards making your idea a reality.

Stock Broking And Hedge Funds

Nicolas Furtak, stock broker and hedge fund manager, will show us the tools he uses in his stock trading deals, and will illustrate how to diversify a hedge fund portfolio.

Business Case Competition – Part 2

Teams will present their solution to the real- life business problem. The session will be moderated by Carlos Baeta, Sprint Alumnus and Business Strategy Analyst at Regiments, who has experience participating in international business case study competitions.

SPRINT End Of Year Function

To be confirmerd.